Accelerate Your Data Lake in the Cloud

Rapidly enable an analytics data lake in your cloud without all of the hard work and customization

We Can Help If...

  • A lot of custom code is required to stitch together applications and services.
  • Custom code is needed to connect related but disparate data, and also to feed that data to analytics tools
  • Each new use case requires a lengthy project and you want to move faster
  • You have a long backlog of analytic requests from the business
  • You want to do more with your cloud environment

The Problem

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all offer attractive cloud platforms to develop a data and analytics hub, often referred to as a Data Lake. These provide organizations with inexpensive storage and compute options, as well as Spark capabilities for ETL operations. However, in order for these cloud environments to power BI and data science, customers need to develop a significant amount of custom code to ingest, model, link and prepare data to drive business insights. These custom implementations lead to long lead times for analytic requests that aren't able to keep up with the speed of business.

The Solution

Anzo® transforms your cloud Data Lake into an easy-to-use analytics platform without any custom coding or queries required. After data is automatically ingested and catalogued, the semantic layer in Anzo interconnects entities from all data and content sources. Since there is no coding required to connect different components, Anzo allows organizations to drastically cut down on the time it takes to deliver analytics in the cloud.

How We Do It

cloud_graphic.pngWe install Anzo in your preferred cloud environment where data in your storage buckets is rapidly ingested and automatically modeled. We connect and harmonize the data with a semantic layer using our in-memory graph database so that data is readily available to your BI and data science tools of choice. You see results in less than 2 weeks!


Anzo: How It Works


  1. Install Anzo in your cloud environment, survey your data assets as well help add new data sets to cloud storage.

  2. Auto-ingest data sets into graph in Anzo using auto-generated models.

  3. Define graph models and relationships to connect and harmonize data sets in-memory.

  4. Setup dashboards to profile, explore, and analyze data across your data sets in the cloud.

  5. Configure endpoints to connect your BI and data science tools.

Providing your organization with...

  • A clear understanding of the value and uses of a Semantic Layer.
  • A working Anzo instance in your cloud environment.
  • A proof of value for your cloud investment.

While delivering...

  • Project management, technical oversight, training and knowledge transfer for your technical teams and users.
  • A forward-looking roadmap and engagement summary presentation outlining achievements.

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About Cambridge Semantics

Cambridge Semantics Inc., is a big data management and enterprise analytics software company that offers a universal semantic layer to connect and bring meaning to all your enterprise data. Its software, Anzo®, allows IT departments and their business users to semantically link, analyze and manage diverse data whether internal or external, structured or unstructured, with speed, at big data scale and at the fraction of the implementation costs of using traditional approaches.