AnzoGraph Graph Database Benchmarking - the Numbers Tell the Story

Originally aired January 30, 2019

Steve Sarsfield, Vice President Product, AnzoGraph

driving-933281_1280When it comes to BI-style analytics, inferencing or graph analytics, AnzoGraph is the fastest graph database on the market, completing a benchmark 217 times faster than other graph databases.

Watch this 30 minute webinar to learn how we can help you when your queries are deep, data is big and the analytical performance is important. In this webinar you will:

  • Explore common use cases and data management challenges that AnzoGraph addresses
  • Hear how you can scale your analytics use case from tens of millions of triples to a trillion triples and beyond
  • Understand how we conducted the benchmarking and results we found
  • Get limited time free access to the software so that you can conduct your own analysis

Data is growing. If you’re ready to scale your graph queries with bigger data and deeper insights, check out this webinar. Just fill out the form to the right to watch now.