Download AnzoGraph for CentOS

Download the tarball to install AnzoGraph on CentOS servers.


  • CentOS 7.9/RHELs 7.9 or later operating system
  • 16 GB or more of RAM

Download & Installation

Follow these instructions to download, install, and start AnzoGraph on a single server. For cluster installations, see the user documentation. Cambridge Semantics recommends that you do not install AnzoGraph as the root user. Because AnzoGraph offers features such as user-defined extensions, it is not secure software certified.

  1. Download the current AnzoGraph tarball.
  2. Copy the tarball to the AnzoGraph host server.
  3. Change directories to the location where you want to install AnzoGraph. Choose a location that is not root-owned, such as your home directory. Then run the following command to unpack the tarball and install AnzoGraph in that location:
    tar -zxf /path-to-tarball/azg.tgz
  4. Run the following command to start AnzoGraph: ./azg/bin/azg

Download Latest Version

Download Latest

Installation Manual

Click here to view the AnzoGraph Deployment and User Guide and here for the RHEL/CentOS Tarball Deployments documentation.


Our AnzoGraph Service Desk's Support Portal is available for submitting support tickets online here or simply send an email to and a ticket will be created automatically.