Try the must-have graph OLAP database for those demanding the fastest graph analytics and data management solutions

Getting Started with AnzoGraph

From the team that developed Netezza and the underlying technology for Redshift, we are proud to offer a free trial of AnzoGraph, the massively parallel distributed graph database purpose built for discovery and analytics.

AnzoGraph is a graph Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) system specifically designed for:

  • Executing queries more than one hundred times faster (100X) than other leading vendors
  • Analyzing trillions of entities, accumulated over months or years of transactions
  • Analyzing data from multiple disparate sources, including from graph Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) systems

To begin your free 60 day trial, fill out the form to the right. Then, you will be sent an email with the license key for your deployment. You may choose more than one form of deployment, in which case you will receive one email for each type of deployment.  You will also automatically be redirected to the next page, where  you can begin your deployment.

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