A Breakthrough Data Lake Platform for the Enterprise Information Fabric

Presenter: Ben Szekely, VP of Solution Engineering

Originally Recorded October 5, 2017, 2:00 pm ET (11:00 am PT)


Only with a rich and interactive semantic layer can the data and analytics stack deliver true on-demand access to data, answers and insights - weaving data together from across the enterprise into an information fabric. We will reveal the breakthrough capabilities of the newly launched Anzo Smart Data Lake 4.0 - the only end-to-end platform for semantic layers based on open standards. By developing Anzo Smart Data Lake on knowledge graphs end-to-end, Cambridge Semantics has built the foundation for a truly disruptive Semantic Layer.  

In our session, we highlight four differentiating capabilities with examples from the field.

  • Automated ETL and Collaborative Mapping with efficient Spark generation
  • Text analytics linking unstructured and structured data in knowledge graphs
  • Data Layers to dynamically prepare, clean, link and transform data in the knowledge graph using scalable in-memory computing - think "photoshop for data"
  • HiRes Analytics - A unique exploratory analytic and data access experience powered by graph models and scalable in-memory computing   

We will conclude this session with our strategic vision for information fabrics built on Anzo Smart Data Lake.

Anzo on laptop