7 Steps To Create Maximum Business Value From Unstructured Data - Whitepaper

With the advent of Big Data, there is growing passion and excitement about the possibilities of using unstru7_Stepsctured data in ways that were only imagined until just recently. Intuitively, people understand that there is tremendous untapped business value that lies within this data, but there are a lingering set of questions that often get in the way, such as: What is our strategy when it comes to handling unstructured data? Where do I turn to learn more about the effective use of unstructured data? and, how can I use this data to create a competitive edge for our company?

Based upon Cambridge Semantics’ experience with customers in similar predicaments, this paper offers valuable tips, best practices and practical advice on how to take advantage of this growing wealth of unstructured data.  Using our market leading Anzo Unstructured text analytics platform, part of the broader Anzo Smart Data Platform, our clients are gaining unprecedented insight, understanding and value that leads to successful business outcomes.