COVID-19 Demands Urgent Use of Graph Data Management and Analytics - A Gartner Report

corona-5174671_640According to Gartner, “Data and analytics leaders in all areas of healthcare and supporting sectors must improve their response to the COVID-19 crisis by using graph approaches. Graph technology can help them meet the challenge posed by complex relationships between manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and caregivers.”

Download this research note from Gartner, we believe, to learn:

  • Why graph technology is well-suited to address the complex data integration challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How graph databases and algorithms can be used to surface hidden patterns and relationships in consumer data to inform and accelerate an organization’s or community’s response to the pandemic
  • Gartner’s recommendations for Life Sciences and Healthcare leaders focused on using data and analytics to tackle

COVID-19 COVID-19 Demands Urgent Use of Graph Data Management and Analytics, Mark Beyer, Jim Hare, Rita Sallam, 24 April 2020