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Customer 360 built on Knowledge Graph


Does your organization provide a full customer lifecycle view?
Do you have actionable, real-time insights helping you make data-backed decisions?

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Why Knowledge Graph

We all need as much visibility into the who, where, what, and whys of our customers and prospects as possible. Most organizations have a CRM that may or may not provide a holistic view of their targets wants, needs, and behaviors. But do you have the full picture and how rigid is that system?

Anzo is the knowledge graph platform organizations are utilizing to execute true data integration. Customers construct a data fabric powered by Anzo and find automatically identified relationships between internal and external data sources, providing valuable connected data-driven insights that would not be possible otherwise.

Anzo helps solve customer 360 challenges such as:

The flexibility to easily blend and expand with new data sources,


Improved customer engagement and recommendations,


Discovery of new relationships for products and service opportunities,


And better real-time decisions.

Watch the demo and peruse the other resources provided in this Customer 360 kit to help guide your organization toward agility, the ability to find and walk new pathways, develop growth opportunities and/or create new inventions.

Anzo offers the versatility needed to succeed and unleash the power of data to drive your next intelligent disruption.

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