Democratize Data Without Creating Anarchy Using Smart Data Lakes





Featuring: Michele Goetz | Principal Analyst, Forrester Research and Ben Szekely, VP Solutions, Cambridge Semantics

Democratization of data, all data, has to be friction-less for all. Analysts, decision makers, partners, and customers can't wait for data and insight.
They need:
  • An unlimited enterprise knowledge graph so all users can “surf” and query all their data intuitively and without IT or specialized data analytics knowledge
  • A semantic data model that easily captures and delivers the “meaning” of data with all the inherent, relationships and attributes
  • Ad hoc data discovery and analytic tools so business users in any department can get answers to questions, as well as, generate questions they didn’t think to ask before
  • Democratized Big Data that applies governance, security and flexible policies
  • A rapidly deploy-able platform to integrate with existing Hadoop or other Data Lake environments or start from the ground up
  • Linked and contextualized data, so users are able to self-help and combine data as needed to support business functions
How can organizations give up the keys to data systems without creating data anarchy? The answer lies in Smart Data Lakes. Learn how Smart Data Lakes are being used to:
  • Design contextual data platforms for deeper insights and problem solving
  • Responsibly and effectively introduce self-service independence from IT 
  • Put subject matter expertise to work and overcome volume and variety challenges
  • Enable a backbone of collaboration and sharing to improve data and insights