Organize, harmonize and manage large and diverse data sets.

Anzo Smart Data Discovery


Analytics has become a competitive advantage for both Fortune 500 and Small to Midsize Businesses. Visualization software such as Tableau, Qlik and Spotfire have helped organizations analyze their data with ease. However, with these platforms it is first necessary to discover what is in the various data sets before an analyst can actually visualize it.

Anzo Smart Data Discovery allows users to truly understand the trends and patterns in both their structured and unstructured data. The power of Anzo allows business analysts to find insights and relationships in their data without the burden of requesting assistance from their IT Department. Furthermore, Anzo Smart Data Discovery can work with your existing visualization software visualize and share your data across your organization.

Anzo Smart Data Discovery allows you to:

  • Analyze all of your Data (Structured, Semi-structured and Unstructured)
  • Empower your Business Analysts to find insights without burdening IT
  • Maximize the benefits of your investment in Tableau, Qlik and Spotfire

Download this whitepaper to learn how Anzo Smart Data Discovery allows users to do this.