Enterprise Analytics at Scale Using Graph Database

Presenter: Marty Loughlin, Vice President and Barry Zane, Vice President | Cambridge Semantics

Drug discovery, clinical trial site selection, trade surveillance, regulatory compliance and many other enterprise use cases benefit from the power of semantic graph analytics. Cambridge Semantics has developed a complete smart data lake solution by combining business analyst tools for modeling, mapping and analyzing graph data (Anzo) with a massively parallel, in-memory, semantic graph database (SPARQLVerse).

This powerful combination enables interactive, open standards based, semantic graph analytics at big data scale.

View this recording to learn more about Anzo Graph Query Engine, the key element of scale in the Anzo Smart Data Lake. Based on elastic clustered, in-memory computing, this component offers interactive ad hoc query and analytics on datasets with billions of triples. With this powerful layer over their data, end users can effect powerful analytic workflows in a self-service manner.