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The Forrester Tech Tide, Q4 2021

Enterprise Data Integration


Here’s why Forrester believes Data Fabric Platforms is a critical, high business value technology to Enterprise Data Integration.

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Enterprises face increasing data integration challenges, primarily due to:

  • The growing volume of data,
  • Compliance pressure,
  • Need for real-time information,
  • Increased data complexity,
  • And data distribution across hybrid and multiple clouds.

As we know, quick, reliable, real-time analysis is the expectation of today’s business user. To make data and analytics more effective a modern data integration strategy is critical to support this new generation of business requirements.

Forrester surveyed technology leaders for the most important data integration technologies. The technologies had to meet three criteria:

  1. Is an important contributor to data integration.
  2. Is commercially available at an enterprise scale.
  3. Has (or will have) market traction.

knowledge-graphs-iconMeeting all criteria, see why Forester named Data Fabric as a technology with High Business Value and Knowledge Graph as a technology to begin experimenting with… if you aren’t already.

Data IntegrationAfter you peruse the research, chat with us about how Anzo enables organizations to take advantage of Knowledge Graph technology as an instrument to building Data Fabrics. Data integration at its finest.

Data FabricKnowledge Graph accelerates analytics and insights that need connected data for applications, insights, or analytics. It also improves the productivity of developers, data engineers, architects, and data analysts.”

The Forrester Tech Tide™: Enterprise Data Integration, Q4 2021

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