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Adopt a Data Semantics Approach to Drive Business Value


Per Gartner®, “Data and analytics leaders need to adopt a semantic approach to their enterprise data to drive business value and break data silos.”

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This report offers key insights, recommendations, and valuable insights on adopting a data semantics approach to drive business value.  


From our point-of-view, Graph technology is crossing the chasm and becoming an integral part of data management technologies. The catalyst of generative AI played a significant role in up-leveling Knowledge Graph's visibility as a valuable piece to your tech stack.

This Gartner report, we feel,  jumps deeper into why Graph technology has become a mainstay in data architecture and strategy conversations, and that is semantics. 

If you look at current technology trends, such as the rocketship of generative AI, you’ll see semantics playing a pivotal role. Let’s look at just one of the key findings in this report:


“Application of generative AI technologies accelerates the process of populating a knowledge graph and tagging a document against known relationships. This technology lowers the barriers to rich data semantics and increases data interoperability.”


Read the report. After that, chat with us about how to get started. 

Grab the Report

Gartner, Adopt a Data Semantics Approach to Drive Business Value, By Guido De Simoni, Robert Thanaraj, Henry Cook, 28 July 2023.

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