Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021


This research report details the year’s data and analytics trending strategies. Unmasking these trends helps organizations identify approaching changes, uncertainties, and opportunities. 

Gartner grouped trends by commonalities to create the broader categories of: change acceleration, business value operationalization, and distributed everything. We haven’t yet found a department leader that can’t identify with aspirations and struggles in these avenues.

Download the report to dig into trends, such as:

  • Smarter, responsible, scalable AI

  • Composable data and analytics

  • Data fabric is the foundation

  • From big to small and wide data

  • XOps

  • Engineering decision intelligence

  • Data and analytics as a core business function

  • Graph relates everything

  • The rise of the augmented consumer

  • Data and analytics at the edge

Snorkel with the opportunities of the future by downloading Gartner's Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021.


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