Generative AI


Per Gartner, “Generative AI solutions driven by foundation models will usher in a new era in computing and business. This Impact Radar identifies the key components that product leaders must understand to exploit GenAI opportunities and deliver value to clients.”

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What's Inside?

One of the first sections in the report is titled “Model-Related Innovations Are at the Core of GenAI Offerings.” This section introduces Knowledge Graphs as an enabler to Generative AI (GenAI) offerings.


“Knowledge graphs, as a relatively mature technology, are expected to play an important role in the GenAI domain, because they can be used to improve the performance of GenAI-enabled applications.”


As you continue through the report you’ll find Knowledge Graph mentioned 15 times, but perhaps most important is where knowledge graph is included in the Impact Radar for Generative AI.  

Gartner placed Knowledge Graph with a high mass that can be taken advantage of now, today.

To us, this means if you are planning to take advantage of the future Generative AI is starting to paint, then you need to be exploring Knowledge Graph today. 


Read the report. After that, chat with us about how to get started. 

Grab the Report

Gartner, Emerging Tech Impact Radar Generative AI, By Annette Zimmermann, Jim Hare, Radu Miclaus, Eric Goodness, Ray Valdes, Anthony Bradley, Roberta Cozza, Danielle Casey, John Santoro, Vibha Chitkara, Whit Andrews, Afraz Jaffri, Annette Jump, Bill Ray, Anushree Verma, Alfonso Velosa, Aakanksha Bansal, Arun Batchu, Anthony Mullen, 16 November 2023.

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