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In the 2023 GigaOm Sonar Data Fabric Solution Report, Cambridge Semantics’ Data Fabric Solution was elevated and labeled a Leader ahead of technology giants Microsoft, Informatica, and SAP.

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The GigaOm Sonar Data Fabric Report equips IT decision makers with the information they need to select the best solution for their business. The report includes considerations and key characteristics for Enterprise adoption for Data Fabric solutions. Cambridge Semantics’ solution, Anzo, received top marks in all key characteristics such as:

  • Comprehensive data source connectivity
  • Centralized access
  • Data preparation
  • Data integration
  • Semantic model support
  • Data governance

“The Strength of Anzo’s knowledge graph approach is its adherence to W3C standards being ideal for forming a semantic layer and harmonizing data of any variation across it. Those knowledge graphs also deliver credible data products, which can be linked together to form a data fabric across the enterprise and source systems.” said Andrew Brust author of the GigaOm Sonar Data Fabric report. 


connect-data-iconAnother benefit of stitching your data fabric with knowledge graph technology is the semantics stringing your data together into logical pathways for generative AI technologies. So not only can you leverage Anzo for the comprehensive data integrations, accessibilities and other benefits of a Data Fabric, you can also leverage the same foundational technology in your generative AI endeavors. With Anzo you’ll be able to build easy-to-consume data products for end-users, data scientists, and applications.


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