A Gartner Report:  How to Activate Metadata to Enable a Composable Data Fabric

DataFabric2Today’s modern enterprise generates a vast amount of metadata that often falls by the wayside. However, metadata can be key to understanding and unlocking value in the relationships between users, their data, and their business processes, and to building an enterprise data fabric that adapts to a constantly evolving business. According to Gartner, “Organizations should be tracking the frequency and nature of data usage as a primary metadata asset and using it to inform additional use cases and even infrastructure design decisions. When determining an enterprise approach to a data fabric, the observable information regarding your data assets creates an emergent design for data flows, integration concepts and data object development. It even defines the demand model. The data fabric is a key component of the emerging intelligent composable enterprise.”

Download this research report from Gartner, we believe, to learn:

  • How a data fabric informed by metadata can help organizations keep pace with changing business requirements, increases in complexity, and new use cases
  • Best practices for using metadata to inform data fabric design
  • Recommendations from Gartner for data and analytic leaders undertaking a data fabric approach to data management

How to Activate Metadata to Enable a Composable Data Fabric, Mark Beyer, Ehtisham Zaidi, 16 July 2020