How to Build a Smart Data Lake Using Semantics

Presenter: Marty Loughlin, Vice President and Curt Wright, Director of Engineering | Cambridge Semantics 

The data lake promises cheap storage and ubiquitous access for all of your enterprise data. However, most organizations are struggling to make sense of the data in the lake.

How do you harmonize, add meaning, govern, secure and offer business self-service to the data lake? You build a Smart Data Lake.

Attend this webinar for a live demonstration of Anzo Smart Data Integration™ which allows you to:

  • Create a comprehensive catalog of all your data sources
  • Map your data sources to shared (semantic) domain models
  • Link and harmonize your data
  • Automatically generate jobs for Apache Spark to move and/or transform your data
  • Analyze and query all of your metadata
  • Track data lineage