How Knowledge Graphs Make Generative AI Consumable in Enterprise Environments


Cambridge Semantics CTO Sean Martin shares how Knowledge Graph technology has become the trusted backbone to enabling Generative AI technologies in Enterprise environments.

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knowledge-graphs-iconIt turns out that knowledge graph technology is extremely synergistic with generative AI technology. In order for Enterprises to safely take advantage of generative AI, knowledge graph is a necessary investment.


  • Large language Models are not a store of knowledge
  • Knowledge graphs provide a single cohesive integration layer for all data, anywhere
  • Knowledge graphs merge more diverse, better described, data sources into a unified, multidimensional framework, offering depth beyond traditional databases
  • Fine-tune knowledge transfer with knowledge graph data
  • Supporting RAG with vector Embeddings
  • Just-in-time computed grounding context from the Knowledge Graph
  • Conversational BI

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Generative AI is still very new to most. Learn how to not only take advantage of today's AI, but how to prepared for tomorrow's. connect-data-icon

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