Emerging AI Technologies and Use Cases


Cambridge Semantics CTO Sean Martin joined technology experts from SAP and Dataiku to discuss bringing AI into the Enterprise. Watch the webinar to hear their thoughts on how to implement generative AI solutions.

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knowledge-graphs-iconHear the experts chat about how Generative AI has captured the popular imagination, enabled through advances in large language models, multimodal learning, and other key technologies. 


  • What new use cases can emerging AI technologies address that have traditionally been too costly or complex?
  • How can your AI platforms, infrastructure, and tools help you accelerate development of generative AI, and how can you deploy generative AI safely?
  • How will enterprises be able to scale up their AI deployments while keeping costs, complexity, and resource requirements under control?
  • How important are prompt engineering, vector databases, and synthetic data for your growing AI program?
  • Will self-service, visual, no-code tools dominate AI development?
  • Will AI foundation models do away with data science as we know it?
  • How close are we to realizing the vision of artificial general intelligence?

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Generative AI is still very new to most. These technologists share their expertise on how to not only take advantage of today's AI, but how to prepared for tomorrow's. connect-data-icon

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