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Enable anyone in your organization with the ability to make real-time decisions backed by accurate, real-time answers via a simple chat.

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Talk to your data. With Knowledge Guru you can ask any question of your data in your own words and receive accurate, trustworthy, and explainable answers.

Knowledge Guru provides a chat-based interface integrated with Anzo semantic knowledge graph data architecture. This means you get all the security and power of Anzo with ease of use and accessibility of generative AI. Enterprises can trust Knowledge Guru to empower authorized users with data-driven real-time answers.

Eliminating Enterprise Limitations

Knowledge Guru addresses key generative AI impediments concerning enterprise clients today like hallucinations, data privacy, and the lack of precision. connect-data-icon

Accurate answers, data provenance, geographic protections and permissions are foundational elements built into Knowledge Guru, as is the protection of client instance data.

Knowledge Guru allows you to converse with your data and the Anzo knowledge graph allows you to trust the results.

The Value of your Data Just Went Up

The possibilities are endless in industries and use cases such as:

  • Customer 360 
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences

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