Modern Data Discovery and Integration in Insurance

Originally aired August 1, 2019

Andrew Sohn, Senior Advisor, NewVantage Partners

Bob Parker, Sr. Director, Insurance, Cambridge Semantics, Inc.


property_damage_300x161The most profitable insurance organizations will outperform competitors in key areas as personalized customer service, claims processing, subrogation recovery, fraud detection and product innovation. This requires thinking beyond the traditional data warehouse to the data fabric - an emerging data management architecture.

By implementing a modern data discovery and integration layer based on semantic and graph technology, organizations can integrate and transform vast collections of distributed, disparate systems into blended, analytics-ready data products.

Watch Andy Sohn, Senior Advisor at NewVantage Partners, and Bob Parker, Senior Director for Insurance at Cambridge Semantics, in this on-demand webinar during which they will explore the role of the data discovery and integration layer in a data fabric with special focus on:

  1. Evolution from data warehouse to data fabric
  2. Semantics and graph data models in data fabric
  3. Example use cases in property and casualty insurance
  4. How to get started

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