Scaling Data Science In AI And Beyond


This report contains recommendations for starting and scaling successful data science initiatives.

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Matching the probabilistic nature of data science with the more deterministic process of enterprise software development is a challenge for every team and every enterprise, but with emerging best practices, technology leaders can make the right choices for sustainable differentiation.

semantic-data-icon"As AI becomes an essential part of enterprise operations, some of the most high-value applications are the ones that can extend across silos to include more data and business context.

connect-data-iconFor cutting-edge applications — such as one which combines intelligent supply chain management, factory administration, and business goals — data science practices need to scale their overall connectivity to the broader enterprise to realize full value from connected intelligence."

Knowledge graph technology is the critical enabler to cross-silo, scalable, connected intelligence.

Grab this report for a better understanding of the steps to bring success to initiaitives in data science, AI, and beyond.

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