Semantic Graph Models and the Data Fabric: Technology Made for Uncertain Times

Originally aired June 23, 2020

Ben Szekely, Senior, VP Field Engineering, Cambridge Semantics

Barbara Petrocelli, VP Strategy and Presales, Cambridge Semantics

corona virusThe COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us into unchartered territory. While analytic models have helped us predict the progression of the disease, and while we can certainly leverage lessons learned from past pandemics to try to optimize our response, we really do not know what the future holds. Currently, much of the conversation is about expanding testing, contact tracing, understanding the disease, and developing treatments and vaccinations. In the coming weeks, our focus could shift to other topics such as food shortages, the economy, global travel, or vaccine distribution. All of this activity generates massive volumes of information that should be leveraged to accelerate and expand our battle against this disease.

Cambridge Semantics, a pioneer in solving the most complex data integration and analytics problems using enterprise data fabrics created from semantic graph models, believes that graph technology could be transformative in addressing the new data problems posed by COVID 19. Watch this webinar with Cambridge Semantics' Ben Szekely, Cofounder and SVP of Field Operations, and Barbara Petrocelli, VP Strategy and Presales, for this on-demand webcast during which they will explore:

  1. The integration requirements for an Enterprise Data Fabric
  2. How Semantic Graph Models uniquely address these requirements
  3. Anzo’s capabilities enabling graph-based data integration at enterprise scale
  4. Potential COVID-19 use cases for graph technologies

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