The Future of Data Integration


What’s the solution to maintaining a data-driven corporate strategy with an ever changing data environment?

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What data architecture?

Your data integration solution needs the ability to answer complex unanticipated questions and create an accurate connected model that supports the query of combined data from a diverse and changing collections of enterprise and publicly available sources.

knowledge-graphs-iconThere has been a push for several architectures to ensure these qualities, at the moment data mesh and data fabric are the two most popular. 

connect-data-iconAt Cambridge Semantics, we don’t care what you want to call your preferred architecture, but our team does have strong opinions on its implementation.

Our stipulation is simple:


Any approach that can’t quickly integrate multiple data sources spanning both structured and unstructured content and rapidly query across them at scale is fundamentally flawed. 


Watch Greg West discuss your best data architecture options.


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Greg West

Principal Presales Engineer

As a member of CSI since 2013, Greg works with many of our early engagement clients to understand their specific business problems. Greg specializes in developing solutions and presentations of Anzo's unique capabilities.