The Rise of the Knowledge Graph ebook

The Rise of the Knowledge Graph

This practical report details combining graph data and knowledge representation into a knowledge graph. Authors Sean Martin, Ben Szekely, and Dean Allemang take you through all necessary steps to plan and design your knowledge graph future.

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In this ebook you’ll learn:


How graph technology enables you to represent knowledge and link it to data
How graph technology emphasizes the connected nature of data
How to use a data fabric to support data-intensive tasks including machine learning and data analysis 
How a data fabric supports intense data-driven business initiatives more robustly than a simple database or data architecture 

About the Authors



Sean Martin

CTO - Cambridge Semantics, Inc.

Sean's experience covers multiple aspects of starting and growing a software company, including holding various titles from President through to co-lead dish washer. He continues in a leadership role as CTO and serves on the board.



Ben Szekely

CRO - Cambridge Semantics, Inc.

As a founding engineer of Cambridge Semantics, Ben has impacted all sides of the business from developing the core of the Anzo Platform to leading early business development and customer engagements.



Dean Allemang

CEO - Working Ontologist, LLC

Dean weighs in at 20 years of research and deployment of semantic solutions, including expert systems, knowledge management systems, and rule-base systems.



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