The State of the Knowledge Graph

For our knowledge quest enjoyment the authors of the recent O’Reilly ebook The Rise of the Knowledge Graph are doing a live webinar exploring the universe of knowledge graphs and their role in data-intensive use cases like customer 360, fraud detection, drug and clinical data analysis, and other advanced analytics.

Aired: April 27, 2021

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If "data-driven" is a core tenet to your organization, then it's worth getting to know knowledge graphs.

Watch on-demand for answers to questions like: 
  • What is a knowledge graph good for?
  • What skills do we need?
  • Do knowledge graphs replace traditional data warehouses?
  • How do I connect all my data?
  • Will metadata like our data dictionaries and enterprise vocabularies play a part?

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear our thought-leaders explain the intersection of knowledge graph and data fabric, and how they relate to solving problems each of your stakeholders deeply care about.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a knowledge graph, we define it as:

A Knowledge Graph is a connected graph of data and associated metadata applied to model, integrate and access an organization’s information assets. The knowledge graph represents real-world entities, facts, concepts, and events as well as all the relationships between them yielding a more accurate and more comprehensive representation of an organization’s data.


About the Presenters



Sean Martin

CTO - Cambridge Semantics, Inc.

Sean's experience covers multiple aspects of starting and growing a software company, including holding various titles from President through to co-lead dish washer. He continues in a leadership role as CTO and serves on the board.



Ben Szekely

CRO - Cambridge Semantics, Inc.

As a founding engineer of Cambridge Semantics, Ben has impacted all sides of the business from developing the core of the Anzo Platform to leading early business development and customer engagements.



Dean Allemang

CEO - Working Ontologist, LLC

Dean weighs in at 20 years of research and deployment of semantic solutions, including expert systems, knowledge management systems, and rule-base systems.



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Hero Background Image Photo by Raphael Nogueira on Unsplash