Robust, Agile, and Comprehensive: the Story of the Data Fabric

Shattering the Limits of Data Warehouses, Data Management and Data Discovery Tools

Anzo Data FabricThe data fabric is a new way to manage and integrate data that promises to unlock the power of data in ways that shatter the limits of previous generations of technology such as data warehouses and data lakes.

Because it is based on a graph data model, the data fabric is able to absorb, integrate, and maintain the freshness of vast quantities of data in any number of formats. By using semantic standards, the data integration is even more powerful as are the queries and algorithms that can be applied to the fabric.

This whitepaper explains what an Enterprise Data Fabric is, how it allows organizations to model and integrate data at whatever level of granularity desired and how Anzo's semantic technology adds a semantic layer of metadata that adds depth and meaning to the graph overall so that queries and algorithms can use this information. Fill out the form to the right to download the whitepaper.