Using OLAP Knowledge Graphs for Data Integration and Harmonization


Traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) technologies have been used successfully in many settings to integrate and harmonize data so that analysts and users can reliably extract meaning from their large enterprise data-sets.

But it is well-established that this approach comes with significant up-front and ongoing costs, enormous risks of failure, and leaves large areas of enterprise data simply unaddressable (due to their complexity). EDW technologies also lack flexibility, making them too slow to meet the ever-changing demands for data by modern businesses.

Get this white paper to learn why OLAP Knowledge Graph technologies (GOLAP) are poised to address these concerns and review the way EDW technologies are deployed, their limitations, costs, and risks, in order to contrast how emerging GOLAP technologies have evolved to provide solutions to these issues and are positioned to leapfrog the EDW for modern enterprise OLAP.