What is Data Fabric Design?


This Gartner compiled research helps clarify what the design of a data fabric is. Grab the report to see the components under-the-hood. 

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“Every data and analytics leader’s goal is to reach decisions, actions, and output faster. Automation is inevitable to achieve this. In a recent Gartner survey, 50% of data and analytics leaders want to entirely automate data integration, a third want to automate data preparation and cleansing, and about one-third of those surveyed also want to completely automate data ingestion. Informing and automating data integration, ingestion, and preparation, is exactly the promise of the data fabric.”

— Ehtisham Zaidi, Senior Director, Research, Gartner *


If you are exploring the data fabric concept and want to know what goes into it, this is the report for you. 

The report outlines:

What a Data Fabric is
The AI engines of a Data Fabric
And the maturity of Data Fabric components

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* Gartner, What Is Data Fabric Design?, Robert ThanarajMark BeyerEhtisham Zaidi, 14 April 2021

Photo by Aaron Greenwood on Unsplash