Press Release | BOSTON (PRweb) June 15, 2023
Announcing Knowledge Guru-bringing generative AI technology to the Enterprise enabling chat-based analytics with fully compliant and accurate answers

With Knowledge Guru, boards and teams throughout the organization will be able to ask, in natural language, any ad hoc question of their structured or unstructured data and receive real time, accurate answers-fully compliant with Enterprise data standards.

Cambridge Semantics (CSI) today announced Knowledge Guru, their new software capability which enables generative AI companies to apply the power of their models for conversation derived analytics at Enterprise scale and with full Enterprise data compliance.

Knowledge Guru eliminates the key LLM impediments concerning enterprise clients today; e.g., hallucinations, data privacy, and lack of precision. Accurate answers, data provenance, geographic protections and permissions are baseline requirements for Enterprises, as is the protection of client instance data. Knowledge Guru addresses all these requirements.

“Knowledge Guru brings the power and excitement of the LLM world to the enterprise providing full compliance with exacting enterprise standards where accurate answers, data ownership, privacy, provenance, scale, and security are paramount.”
– Chuck Pieper, Chairman & CEO

Knowledge Guru provides a chat-based interface integrated with Anzo semantic knowledge graph data architecture. Anzo’s trusted architecture, authorization and security standards allow enterprises to grant users permission to access all their data for ad hoc queries and analysis, and Knowledge Guru enables them to apply the power of large language model (LLM) conversational prompts in a safe manner, conforming to high Enterprise IT standards.

This innovative approach makes Knowledge Guru an asset to Enterprises via the value gained from democratizing data access, streamlining analytics processes, enhancing collaboration and decision-making, and improving user satisfaction and productivity.

The key to the innovation’s success lies in its use of ontologies, which provide consistent, interoperable, and seamless integration with existing data infrastructures.

Businesses seeking a disruptive technology to revolutionize data-driven decision-making will find Knowledge Guru’s approach to be highly scalable, applicable across industries, geographies and languages; and offering significant cost savings with added enhancements to explainability and interoperability.

The Knowledge Guru enables anyone in your organization to make real-time decisions backed by accurate, real-time answers via a simple chat. This is a transformative step where users’ ‘conversations’ will generate real time integration of broader data, deeper analyses and deliver faster time to action.

For more information and for those interested in a Knowledge Guru demonstration can find more details here:


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