The Future of Data Management, Collective Intelligence & the Wisdom of Knowledge Graphs

Knowledge Graphs revolutionize the way companies make use of their data. The technology has the potential to turn every digitized piece of knowledge in a company into actionable insights. You can exceed even Google’s Search capabilities by creating an intelligent platform with knowledge graph. Many of us can imagine our idealistic future data dream worlds, but how do we get there? 



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In this podcast, Boris Shalumov, asks knowledge graph expert Sean Martin questions such as:

  • How do companies get to the state of looking through space and time and having unprecedented access to the wisdom hidden in Enterprise Data? 
  • What does the future IT Tech Stack look like? 
  • What decisions do CIOs have to make today to build a basis for long-term success?
  •  What completely new possibilities and business models arise? 
  • How will the business world change? 
  • What is Hype and what is Reality?



Sean Martin

Cambridge Semantics, Inc.

Sean's experience covers multiple aspects of starting and growing a software company, including holding various titles from President through to co-lead dish washer. He continues in a leadership role as CTO and serves on the board.


Boris Shalumov

Knowledge Graph Engineer
Cambridge Semantics, Inc.

Unleashing the power of knowledge is nowadays the most crucial task for enterprises in order to stay competitive. However, knowledge is not just data thrown into a database. It is a complex, dynamic model that puts every piece of information into a larger frame, builds a world around it and shows its connections and meaning in a specific context.

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